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Coconut Oil And Mold


Occasionally I get a question about coconut oil and mold. If coconut oil comes in contact with water or moisture at all - even the slightest bit it will get mold in it. If you're transferring to any other small or large jars I would only transfer to one or two small jars. If the jars have any moisture left in them or are damp at all you may get a mold problem. Even the slightest amount of moisture will cause it to become moldy. One has to be very careful in transferring coconut oil. I only remove a little oil to a jar or two.  

If you plan on buying a larger jar or gallon container and then transferring to several jars for yourself or friends or family you have to make sure nothing is wet. You take a risk doing this and people have how they can avoid it.  

Always keep in the original container. If the mold is in the original when it arrived, if ordered by mail, the company may replace it. It's not their problem if you transfer to other containers. Water causes mold on the coconut oil. Any dampness. I can't emphasize enough. Keep the original coconut oil container in a dry place like a cupboard or cool area away from ovens or stoves. But not in the refrigerator.

If your coconut oil is moldy when you open it up and you purchase from your local store, return it. 

Please note that there is a natural brown accumulation in the bottom of some coconut oil containers that is part of the oil processing and is supposed to be harmless. 

If the coconut oil you have does have mold in it I don't know if you'll be able to use the oil on your skin or non human places depending on the amount of mold but don't eat it. Mold spores will be throughout. Eating coconut oil and mold is not good. Scrape off the mold that you can see- there will be other spores that you can't see. The best thing to do is toss it out. I have never had a mold problem. All companies should warn about the water and potential coconut oil and mold problem. Virgin Coconut Oil - Benefits -Tips - Cures - Claims



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