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Some of My Coconut Oil Benefits and Tips

Some of My Favorite Coconut Oil Benefits and Tips  


I love coconut oil for many reasons.   It is the closest thing to a cure-all I know of.


Coconut oil is very healing—a powerful anti-inflammatory— the molecules are very small--actually absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream.


Brush teeth and use on gums to kill germs, stop tooth decay, stop any bleeding and prevent/cure gum disease.


I add 1-2 tablespoons to smoothies before blending. Makes them very creamy.


Put some in separate small jars in bathroom.   One to use in mouth and one to use on hands/body.    Can keep a small jar in the car.


Use on hands and body often and at night.    It keeps skin moist and lasts through showers and bath. Great for dry skin.   It will feel very soft.   It absorbs to take advantage of systemic benefits also.


Use on any skin injury, rash, burn, insect bites, irritation etc. Instantly heals even minor sunburn! Stops itching!


Can also warm the oil slightly and apply warm to the skin for faster absorption.

(The oil is liquid at 77 degrees or so and higher-- in summer it is softer, winter it is harder.)


Can also use on the face to prevent or soften wrinkles.


Fiji Islanders and many others, who eat coconut daily, never get sick.


Eat anything coconut- even shredded.   Many have healed themselves with baked macaroons (contain shredded coconut) (can withstand heat unlike most other foods) although uncooked or raw would be better and faster.


Coconut and coconut oil have no enzymes and are rapidly digested— taking no body energy and giving instant energy because of the rapid digestion and energy properties.


Coconut oil contains 54% lauric acid—the same lauric acid found in mother’s milk   (a medium-chain (not bad long-chain) fatty acid—a GOOD fatty acid).   A powerful anti-inflammatory.


Lauric acid is anti-viral (anti-herpes, colds etc.)—kills viruses!   Use anytime you get sick with anything.


Coconuts grow in the tropics and can withstand a great amount of heat.   It is the best oil to use for frying—it won’t change properties and become damaging like all the other oils when heated.   Extreme heat is not good however.


Can use on hair. Will make it soft and shiny. Apply at night, wash in morning.    Can be used for hair gel.   Some men have used it successfully for hair growth-- massage into scalp at night.


Can be used for stretch marks before and after pregnancy—will completely prevent them. 


Anytime you use coconut oil on the gums, or body, it will absorb into the bloodstream and you will benefit from the systemic properties also—not just the local application.


I use it to remove make-up and eye make-up—no harsh chemicals, comes instantly off and leaves a nice soft feel and moist skin even after washing,


Coconut oil should be the virgin kind - I order online. The stores used to have only the kind that was processed—refined, bleached, deodorized—nothing left!  New Seasons and Whole Foods stores and Wild Oats have the unprocessed kind but it's much more expensive and different processing. I get the best kind wholesale online in gallons.


They say coconuts and coconut oil can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, dissolve kidney stones, balance blood sugar and control diabetes, enhance the immune system, protect against cancer, boost energy, increase metabolism, promote healthy thyroid, improve chronic fatigue, help maintain or lose weight—get rid of excess body fat (books are out now on losing weight with coconut oil), kills disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi, relieve symptoms associated with digestive complaints, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease, protect skin against free-radical damage that causes premature aging, rejuvenate skin, prevent wrinkles, remove warts, and much more!!


Every time I apply coconut oil to my tan     --my tan would look darker!   .


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