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Coconut Oil and Hair

Coconut Oil and Your Hair

Here are just a few of the ways you can use coconut oil for hair.

Coconut oil hair conditioner:  massage two teaspoons of warm coconut oil into your hair at bedtime and wash it out in the morning.  Your hair will be soft and shimmering.  Try this on an evening when you don't have to go anywhere in the morning the first time in case you find it difficult to get the oil out.  Colored or bleached hair may react differently and retain more oil.

Many hair stylists use coconut oil and order it by the gallon. It's so inexpensive and so beneficial to your hair. No chemicals or harsh ingredients or anything irritating to the scalp.  They charge $50 or more for hair conditioning treatments and you can do this at home.  Many don't tell you they're using coconut oil.

You can use more coconut oil and treat your hair for an hour or two before you wash it for a total hair conditioning treatment. Leave it on at least 15 minutes. You can cover it with a shower cap and take a warm bath.  Leave it on for an hour or so if possible.

Of course you can apply coconut oil all over your body and treat your skin at the same time but after a bath or shower.

If you have dandruff, coconut oil will definitely help cure your dandruff. Many people have found this out accidentally when using coconut oil for a hair conditioner.

You can apply one to two teaspoons of coconut oil directly to your scalp and it will soften the surface and heal any areas that are irritated. Massage it in. Your shampoo may be causing the dandruff so try to eliminate the cause.  Switch to a natural type shampoo with very few ingredients such as Shikai.

You can apply a little coconut oil to your hair after it's styled. You don't want to add too much.

The Islanders in  Fiji and the Polynesian islands have thick, lustrous hair. Good treatment of the hair will prevent breaking of the hair etc.  However this could also be due to their diet which includes lots of coconuts.

There have been some studies on coconut oil that have shown that coconut oil can prevent damage from overcombing the hair. Because coconut oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides it's able to penetrate the shafts of hair. It prevented protein loss from the hair, compared to mineral oil and sunflower oil which did not.


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