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Coconut Oil and Skin

Coconut Oil Skin - Natural Treatment - For Face - Hands - Feet - Body

Coconut oil is absolutely fabulous for the skin. One of the many benefits of coconut oil is it's affect on the skin. I have been using it for several years and my skin is always soft and smooth.  My complexion is good and I think I have prevented many fine lines and deep wrinkles by using coconut oil.

I put coconut oil on my face in the morning before I put my make-up on.  Then I glide a little foundation over it.  The coconut oil stays on my skin all day  and my face feels very smooth to the touch.  At night I put coconut oil on my face and hands. Some nights I also put coconut oil on my feet and then put on socks. My feet are so smooth in the morning.  Many nights I slather my whole body in coconut oil.  Because it's so inexpensive you can do this for very little cost. I use it in the soft solid state not the liquid state.

Compared to the expensive department store wrinkle creams, cremes and moisturizers, coconut oil is cheap!  I buy a whole gallon for what it would cost for a small jar of wrinkle cream or moisturizer or eye cream and much cheaper than a facial.

It's an excellent make-up remover too.  Removes make-up fast and leaves the face feeling soft and silky. No need for harsh cleansers.

The added health benefit of nourishing  the skin and the underlying tissues and possible absorbing it the bloodstream makes coconut oil absolutely amazing.

Many people use coconut oil for their skin as a natural treatment. 

People use coconut oil for skin irritations, or bumps, zits, acne, pimples, and blemishes of any kind.  I have used it to heal cuts and wounds faster.  Coconut oil is reported to actually absorb into the body through the skin and thus hasten healing and in some cases cure a skin problem.

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