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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

Coconut Oil - Weight Loss Secret 

You may have heard a little or a lot about weight loss and coconut oil. coconut oil diet plans or programs or detox or other diet treatments. Coconut oil and weight loss has become a big topic online.  However I would proceed very carefully wherever anyone says you can lose weight using coconut oil or weant you to pay money for coconut oil weight loss.

You may know the truth about weight loss already.  You must eat less calories and/or burn more calories to lose weight.  It's simple.,  Now one of the benefits of coconut oil is that it is metabolized rapidly so it doesn't take alot of the body's energy to digest it. And you may feel more energy.

It's also very filling when you use it in all-fruit smoothies or other raw desserts or raw food recipes that use coconut oil or coconuts for that matter either. So it may help you lose weight along with eating fewer calories or burning more calories, but it's too hard to predict because of the variety of foods people eat.

Coconut Oil Diet?

You can try using coconut oil as part of your diet plan if you like but there are no guarantees. You must eat less calories to realy lose weight.  Coconut oil can help as I've mentioned but the truth is you must take in less calories. I sound like a broken record but no matter what diet you read about the truth remains. 

It's simple. Hundreds of diet books have been written and people still have a problem losing weight and that is because they are still taking in too many calories and not burning up enough calories to maintain or lose weight.

Exercise will help burn calories or participation in sports, walking, bicycling, working out, tennis and physical activity will burn caloiries as you probably know.  So a combination or less calories and more burning of calories will be the detemining factor and if you need to lose weight this is the fact to keep in mind.

I wish I could say -- oh just eat coconut oil and you'll lose weight but there are toot many factors to consider in the overall process of losing pounds.  



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