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Free Raw Food Recipe - Helen's Coconut Creme Frosting or Topping - Raw Recipe


Helen's Coconut Creme Frosting or Topping - Free Raw Recipe


1 cup coconut meat from 1 coconut 


½ cup coconut water from the coconut 


½ cup cashews soaked 10-12 hours  

or ½ cup un-soaked macadamia nuts or can omit the nuts


2-3 organic medjool dates - pitted and cut up fine for faster blending


½ tsp. vanilla - gluten-free


½ tsp. sea salt  - sun-dried best


In blender, blend all ingredients until smooth.  


Can use for: Frosting for raw cakes

Topping for pies and fruit and desserts. 


Can freeze this for later use too.



Preparation time: 10 minutes  

Equipment: blender 

Need: Fresh young coconut, dates, vanilla, sea salt 


How to open a coconut: How to Open a Coconut


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