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Coconut Cures, Facts and Claims - Coconut oil, Coconut Meat and Coconut Water

Coconut Cures, Facts and Claims - Virgin Coconut oil, Coconut Meat and Coconut Water

Note that coconut oil is made from coconuts. Coconut meat is the meat inside of coconuts and coconut water is the water inside of coconuts. Coconut milk is a product made from coconut and not included in this article.

Prevent heart disease

Dissolve kidney stones

Balance blood sugar and control diabetes

Enhance the immune  system

Protect against cancer

Boost energy and increase metabolism

Lose excess body fat - lose weight - weight loss

Kill disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses

Help Crohn's Disease symptoms

Help irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms

Protect the skin from free-radical damage that causes premature aging

Help in treating high blood pressure

Help in  treating thyroid function

And there are many more claims, facts  and cures for oil, coconut water and coconut meat

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