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How To Use Virgin Coconut Oil On Your Skin And Save Money On Expensive Creams! - Nurse's Guide


by Helen Hecker


Using Virgin Coconut Oil on Skin


If you've heard about using virgin coconut oil on skin, here are some things you'll want to know and just a few of the benefits.  Amazingly, coconut oil is the cheapest moisturizer or oil you can use on your skin - softening, healing, healthy and nourishing too.


Many expensive skin creams and department store creams contain just tiny amounts of coconut oil.  But using pure, virgin coconut oil without all those chemicals is the best way to go.


Many skin creams contain harsh chemicals that are not good for your skin.   Experts report that additives and preservatives in the creams may be absorbed through the skin and that it's not good for us. And many people with sensitive skin find they can't use them at all. Others break out in rashes or their skin turns red or appears irritated.


Women in tropical countries have been putting it on their skin for decades and they all have beautiful, soft clear skin. 


Virgin coconut oil is a great moisturizer and skin softener.  It comes from coconuts that are grown in tropical countries or countries with hot climates.  It contains many antioxidants and phytonutrients. Many studies report that it's absorbed through the skin into the epidermis layers and possibly into the body systems, which may have many health benefits, because of its high content of lauric acid - a good fatty acid found in mother's milk. Coconut oil is good and healing for many skin conditions and problems including eczema and other types of dermatitis.


To apply it to your skin it doesn't need to be heated. It's in cream form below 76 degrees. Above 76 degrees, it's in liquid form.  It can be applied in either form.  It doesn't take much either.  You can apply it all over your body at night before you go to bed, but protect your sheets and bedding or apply lightly after a bath or shower.


You can use it in the summer or in the winter to protect your skin. It's great for dry skin too. If you have dry hands or your hands in water a lot, you can easily apply it throughout the day to protect and nourish your hands. And for chapped or rough hands, it makes them instantly smooth and silky.


Use it as you would any moisturizer, day, night or wrinkle cream.  I apply it to my lips and around my lips often.  No need for lip balms or "chapped lip" sticks.  I lightly apply coconut oil on my face every day under my make-up.  My face always feels soft like a baby's skin.


When buying it you want to look for organic, virgin coconut oil.  Avoid oil that has been bleached, refined and dehydrated. It's best to buy it cheap at a whole foods-type store. You can buy it in pints, quarts or gallons.  A gallon will last a long time and will cost far less than one jar of expensive department store cream. Save your money. You can buy it online too.


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