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How to Open a Coconut

 How To Open a Coconut Fast

I have tried many ways to open a coconut and I don't think I've missed any.   I have watched raw food chefs at raw food festivals and many chefs who all had different ways to open a coconut.  In spite of all this I found the easiest way to open a coconut through many months of practising different methods.   This has to be the simplest, safest and fastest method or way to open a coconut.  I can open a coconut in just a few seconds.  Not even half a minute.

First of all where do you get your young coconuts? I mean the young coconuts not the brown mature coconuts.  I get mine at Asian markets. yhey are usually the cheapest there. I pay about a dollar each.  But normally I get a case and get the case price. Depending on the time of year the case will cost from $5.50 to $8.50. 

They usually come in cellophane.  Pick out the coconuts that have no soft spots on the bottom and no colored or wet spots or darkened spots on the coconut.  They should be white. No mold either.  They may feel heavy but that is not always a good test.  When you open the coconut if the meat is not white then the coconut is not good.  Discard it if it is pink, or purplish or yellowish etc. 

Place the coconut on a wooden cutting board. Using the bottom end of a santoku knife ($6 at Asian markets) make 4 to 6 deep cuts around the top about 2 inches from the center.  This may take a little practice. Make sure to keep your other hand behind your back.  I have two friends who ended up in the emergency room with cut fingers. I used to use a protective mesh, knife-proof glove the professional chefs use to prevent knife cuts but no longer need it because I only use one hand.

Lift off the top and turn it upside down onto a wide mouth glass or jar to drain the coconut water. Scoop out the white coconut meat. Sometimes it will be harder and sometimes it will be soft or real soft.  Both are just fine.

You can drink the water or add it to smoothies or raw food desserts.  You can eat the meat with a spoon or add it to smoothies and raw desserts like I do.   Coconut Oil Recipes - Banana Coconut Smoothie - Free Raw Recipe


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